Embrace and Respect the Countryside

Nestled on the border of Scotland and England, Coldstream Holiday Park offers a unique opportunity to experience the rich natural beauty and cultural heritage of both the Scottish Borders and Northumberland. As you embark on your countryside adventure, we kindly remind all our guests to respect the pristine environment that makes this region so special. Here are some essential guidelines to help you enjoy your stay while preserving the countryside for future visitors.

1. Leave No Trace
The Scottish Borders and Northumberland are home to breathtaking landscapes, from rolling hills and serene rivers to idylic coastlines. To keep these areas beautiful, please adhere to the “Leave No Trace” principles:

– Pack it in, pack it out: The old saying “Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints” is a great moto to remember when you and your family are outdoors. Take all your litter with you! Even biodegradable waste like fruit peels and nut shells, over time if these are left they can have a detrimental affect to the local area.

– Dispose of waste properly: Use designated bins for recycling and rubbish. If no bins are available, the closest town or village will have public bins and recycling points available, if you are far from towns bring your waste back to the holiday park and use the recycling bins we provide.

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2. Respect Local Wildlife & Livestock
The region is teeming with wildlife, including deer, squirrels, badgers, rabbits, and numerous bird species. While observing these creatures, maintain a respectful distance. Be especially careful around livestock, including cows, sheep and horses.

– Stick to marked paths: Sticking to the path can help prevent erosion and protect natural habitats.

– Do not feed animals: Human food can harm wildlife and disrupt their natural behaviours.

– Control pets: Keep dogs on a leash and under control to prevent them from chasing or harming wildlife.

– Observe quietly: Loud noises can stress animals and disrupt their environment. Enjoy the tranquility and let nature’s sounds prevail.

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3. Protect Waterways
Rivers like the Tweed and Coquet are not only scenic but also vital ecosystems. For more information about the fantastic work being done to maintain and improve the river Tweed check out The River Tweed Foundation. You can help keep these valuable waterways clean and healthy by:

– Avoid polluting: Do not throw anything into rivers, streams, or lakes.

– Respect fishing regulations: Follow local guidelines and acquire necessary permits (ask at reception for more information or contact Coldstream & District Angling Association). Practice catch and release if applicable. You must not Fish on Sundays.

– Be mindful of water use: Conserve water by using only what you need and ensuring taps are turned off properly. Our hot tub holidays are a firm favourite with guests, you can help save water by making sure the covers are in place when not in use and always taking a quick shower before using the hot tub.

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4. Fire Safety
Wildfires can cause significant damage to the countryside, especially during the dry summer months. Please avoid lighting fires in remote areas including BBQ’s. Check the Scottish Fire and Rescue Page for more information and help them help in protecting the countryside and outdoor areas.

5. Cultural Respect
The Scottish Borders and Northumberland are rich in history and culture. Show respect for local traditions and heritage sites:

– Visit responsibly: Be mindful when visiting historical landmarks and archaeological sites. Follow posted rules and do not disturb artefacts.

– Support local businesses: Enhance your experience by exploring local shops, markets, and eateries. This supports the community and allows you to immerse yourself in regional culture. We are really lucky to have some fantastic local businesses in Coldstream and the wider area, not only does your support makes a huge difference but you will also discover some of the fantastic and award winning local produce grown and farmed in our area.

– Learn and share: Take the time to learn about the local history and share your knowledge with others to foster appreciation and respect for the area.

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We hope you have found this information useful, we want all of our guests to get the most out of their stay at Coldstream Holiday Park and ensure that the Scottish Borders and Northumberland remain beautiful and welcoming for years to come. Enjoy your holiday and thank you for helping us protect this remarkable region!

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